Grand National Championships 2019

as of the Pittsfield event

The GNC competition ends at the last regional event. To be eligible for the GNC Award, a minimum of 75 points must be earned before a category is recognized; the greatest number of points determines the Grand National Championship. In the case of ties, the winner will be decided by the most first, second or third place finishes. If this is a tie, it will be determined by the best run time during the season.

The lists may be truncated for viewing purposes.

Team Category

Team GNC Points Total
MFR Blue 60
Team ATX 55
St Lucie County 55
Lexington Fire L526 30
DND Fredericton 30
West Licking Fire  25
Pittsfield MA Fire Department 25
Pittsfield Fire Department 25
Hobbs, NM Local 4384 fueled by LGS GUNS 25
Summerville Fire Rescue 24
West Licking Fire 20
Virginia Beach Firefighters Local 2924 20
Napanee Fire 20
Springfield Fire team 17
McKinney Powered by Cellucor Coached by Kylah 17
Martin County Fire Rescue 1 17
Wilbraham Fire 16
Va Beach Local 2924 16
TEAM TUSCALOOSA powered by C.A.T.S 16
Team 413 16
Round Rock Fire Department 16
Tidewater Federal Firefighters 15
Fayetteville Fire Powered by EVS 15
Dalton Fire Department 15
Boca Fire 15


Open Category

First Name Last Name Team GNC Points
Brian Riebe St Lucie County 67
Jared Johnson Team ATX 65
Jake Lanier MFR Blue 55
Larry Potvin Team ATX 51
Matthew Baca Oshawa Fire / Canadian Fast Fat Guys 44
Daniel Harvison Peters Twp. Fire Dept. 33
Ryan Fitzgerald Lakeland IAFF 579 30
Matt Hansen Westfield Fire 30
Barrett Piper West Licking Fire Station 3 30
Steve Papa Pittsfield Fire Department 28
Marquel Davis Virginia Beach Firefighters Local 2924 27
Daniel Garner Pittsfield Fire Department 27
Jon Betts DND Fredericton 25
Denver Thompson MFR RED 25
Chris Carr Boca Fire 25
Chris Sturtz West Licking Fire  24
Eric Einagel Fort McMurray 20
BEAU GUNTER Team Tuscaloosa powered by C.A.T.S 20

Female Category

First Name Last Name Team GNC Points
Tricia Faimon Norfolk/Hadar Fire & Rescue 45
Katherine Ross Dependable Brampton Fire 30
Caroline Martin Columbia FD 30
Brittany Hoffman Wheeling Fire Department 30
Ana Ruzevic Center Point Fire District 30
Shree Bostick Montgomery Fire/Rescue 25
Keltie-May Nicoll Grande Prairie FD / Lakeland 25
Elissa Carvello Vaughan Fire Combat Team 25
Melissa Forte Martin County Fire Rescue 2 20
Heather Gump Team O'Fallon 20
Amanda Moore Pewee Valley Fire Dept 20
Loni Prenitzer Team Lang 17
Danielle Clairmont Berkshire bank 17
Abby Yates Westfield Fire 17
Kathryn St. George Team O'Fallon 16
Brittaney Doane Southborough Fire Dept 16
Stephanie Spaniol Fenton 14



Over 40 Category

First Name Last Name Team GNC Points
Daniel Garner Pittsfield Fire Department 55
Matt Coney St Lucie County 46
Jason Stout Boca Raton Fire Rescue 42
Richard Smith Team ATX 40
Rodney Bazzle Summerville Fire Rescue 33
Jim Ziter Pittsfield Fire Department 32
Adam Evans Team Cellucor Arlington Fire 32
Todd Krukow Lonnies Minions 30
Sean Sullivan Lakeland Fire 30
Matt Hansen Westfield Fire 30
Jon Fleming Dauphin Middle Paxton Fire 29
Tadd Rubin CrossFit Myrtle Beach  25
Steven Peters Round Rock Fire Department 25
BEAU GUNTER Team Tuscaloosa powered by C.A.T.S 25
Danny McGoldrick TheVillages Fire/Rescue 23
Scott Harrell Apopka 20
Daniel Harrell Virginia Beach Firefighters Local 2924 20
Anthony McMurtry Air Force Academy 20

Over 50 Category

First Name Last Name Team GNC Points over50 Total
DAVID BOWMAN Charlotte Fire 60
Ken Helgerson Air Force Academy 50
Scott Bauer Nimishillen Fire / Marathon Fire 46
William Gaughan Peters Twp. Fire Dept. 39
Keith Ashbury Virginia Beach Firefighters Local 2924 37
Kevin duncan Napanee Fire 34
Russell Krasnesky McKinney Powered by Cellucor 30
Dean Morrow Hamilton FireBreathers 30
Troy Thissen Wichita Fire Department 25
Tommie Osborn Delray Beach Fire Rescue 25
JEFF WRIGHT Irving Fire 25
Steve Baker London Fire and Rescue 20
Randy Kalan Thames Center Team Carrier Centers 20
BILL CLAXTON Ada Fire Department 20
Jeff Knowles Boca Grande Fire Department 17
Eric Porter Middleton Fire 17
Blair Nason Douglas Harbour Volunteer Fire Department 17
Keith DiPatri Fort Bragg Fire Department 16
Bill Woods Honda of America 16
Trevor DeRaad Albert Lea Fire Rescue 15
Stephen McAleer DND Fredericton 15

Relay Category

Team Name GNC Points
MFR Blue 60
Team ATX 60
St Lucie County 51
DND Fredericton 30
Lexington Fire Local 526 25
Pittsfield 25
West Licking Fire Department 25
Christmass 20
Hobbs New Mexico Local 4384 20
Round Rock Fire Department 20
South Shore 20
Napanee Fire 17
Virginia Beach Firefighters Local 2924 17